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Last Summer Breeze
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Lonely Island

Foggy winter morning at a fishing lake in Dunaszeg, Hungary.

I visited my hometown in December to celebrate Christmas with my family after being apart for 2 years. I stayed there for about 3 weeks and most of the time the weather was so foggy. I was disappointed for a while because I didn't really want to go out and take pictures in the wet and foggy weather but on day we decided to go on a short hike with my father who also likes photography. I'm glad we went because I got to capture this moment. I wanted to show the feeling of emptiness and how everything is covered by the fog on the scene. The photo describes my feelings, the homesickness that I felt in the first year when I moved to California and had to leave my family. Also with a little sepia or light brown toning I wanted to make the photo a bit warmer to balance out the suffocating feeling.

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From Hungary